Colonel EH Taylor 18 YO Marriage


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Introducing Colonel E.H. Taylor 18 Year Old Marriage, a distinguished bourbon whiskey that embodies the legacy and uncompromising standards of Colonel Edmund Haynes Taylor Jr., a pioneer in the bourbon industry. Crafted with precision and aged for a remarkable 18 years, this limited-edition release is a testament to the Colonel’s commitment to excellence.

Distilled and bottled under the watchful eye of Colonel E.H. Taylor Jr., this Marriage expression is a unique blend of carefully selected bourbons, each aged to perfection. The meticulous marrying process results in a harmonious union of flavors, showcasing the Colonel’s mastery in creating a bourbon that transcends the ordinary.

Upon the first nosing, Colonel E.H. Taylor 18 Year Old Marriage reveals a captivating bouquet of rich caramel, oak, and a hint of vanilla, setting the stage for the indulgent experience that follows. The palate is a symphony of complexity, with layers of dark chocolate, dried fruits, and a subtle spiciness that dance on the tongue. The exceptionally long finish is a testament to the well-aged spirit, leaving a lingering warmth that invites contemplation.

Presented in a classic and collectible bottle, adorned with the distinguished Colonel E.H. Taylor label, this release is a visual representation of the legacy and craftsmanship associated with the Colonel’s name. Encased in a bespoke packaging, Colonel E.H. Taylor 18 Year Old Marriage is not just a bourbon; it is a rare and cherished collector’s item that pays homage to the Colonel’s enduring influence on the bourbon industry.

With an extremely limited number of bottles available, Colonel E.H. Taylor 18 Year Old Marriage is a rare gem for enthusiasts who appreciate the extraordinary. Elevate your bourbon collection with this exceptional expression that honors the legacy of Colonel E.H. Taylor Jr. Immerse yourself in the refined sophistication of Colonel E.H. Taylor 18 Year Old Marriage – a bourbon that invites you to savor the extraordinary.

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